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Table-top bending template from the range TBS & BS
Table-top bending template TBS
  • For bending already warmed thermoplastic panels
  • The ideal supplement to the table-top heating board from TGG/TG or TGmO series
  • Integrated measuring tape for precise setting
  • With two adjustable limit stops
  • Hold-down clamps are adjustable depending material strength
  • Continuous angle setting from 30° to 180°
  • Maximum adjustable side length 2x430 mm
Item no.: TBS125
tischbiegeschablone tbs
biegeschablone bs
Bending template from the BS range
The bending template can be used for easy and quick producing of different U profiles.
Adjustable bending stops allow sides to be continuously adjusted between 25° and 135°.
A travel mechanism allows universal setting of the inner dimensions of the U profiles up to a maximum of 1000 mm.
Avoids time and cost intensive production of templates.
technical DATA BS 120BS 170BS 220
Working width mm 1200 1700 2200
Working depth mm 1000 1000 1000
Working height mm 930 930 930
Subject to technical change
Edging benches from the AB range
The mobile edging bench is designed for use in tank construction for edging PE or PP panels.
However, it can also be used for edging thermoplastics such as PVC, PMMA, PC and PS.
The special design of the hold-down bar also allows to edge section tubes and then remove them from the machine by opening the hold-down bar on its side (see fig.).
The entire machine is designed in a way that reproducible angles up to 130° and radiuses of up to 30 m can be produced. This ensures high flexibility and versatility.
technical DATA AB 100AB 150AB 200AB 250AB 300
max. working width mm 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
max. panel thickness mm 20 20 20 20 20
Device width mm 1800 2300 2800 3300 3800
Device depth mm 1200 1200 1200  2400 1200
Device height mm 1100 1100 1100  1100  1100
Table height mm 920 920 920 920 920
Supply voltage V 400 400 400 400 400
Connection power kW 4,5 5,5 6 6,8 7,5
Device weight kg 90 100 120 130 150
Subject to technical change
Multiple bending stages from the MBT range
The machine is particularly recommended for use in the production of:
  • any kind of covers, e.g. for instruments, showcases, apparatuses for the electrical and chemical industry
  • ventilation systems, e.g. ventilation shafts
  • elements for furniture construction, e.g. side tables made of PMMA
  • lamps, casings, accessories or brochure displays in the advertising sector
The mobile multiple bending stage particularly excels by its easy and straight-forward handling. It allows bending workpieces from PVC, PMMA, PC, PA and other thermoplastics after heating in a reproducible max. angle of 140° or a max. radius of 40 mm.
technical DATA MBT 100HMBT 150MBT 200
max. working width mm 1000 1500 2000
max. panel thickness mm 12 12 12
Device width mm 1600 2100 2600
Device depth mm 1100 1100 1100
Device height mm 1200 1200 1200 
Table height mm 920 920 920
Device weight kg 90 100 120
Subject to technical change
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